Servsig2022 Glasgow Scotland, 16-18 June

Consumer (mis) behaviour in services

Track Chair
Rebekah Russell-Bennet

Rebekah Russell-Bennet

Professor of Marketing, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Track Chair
Lloyd Harris

Lloyd Harris

Professor of Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK
Junior Track Chair
Doga Istanbulluoglu

Doga Istanbulluoglu

Lecturer in Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK

Indicative Topics

  • Consumer motivations for misbehavior
  • Differing types of customer misbehaviors
  • Dealing strategies/practices
  • Employee coping tactics
  • Online trolling/bullying and other forms of customer deviance
  • Illegitimate/ fake customer complaining
  • Fake (online) reviewing by customers
  • Outcomes of customer misbehavior
  • Contagiousness of misbehavior
  • Customer deviance variances by sector, industry or country context
  • The impact of customer misbehavior
  • Customer mistreatment of service employees
  • Deceptive and covert behavior
  • Deliberate value destruction
  • Misbehavior and robots
  • Customer misbehavior and wellbeing
  • Ecosystem influence on customer misbehavior