Servsig2022 Glasgow Scotland, 16-18 June

Service Employment & Employees

Track Chair
Mahesh Subramony

Mahesh Subramony

Professor of Management, Northern Illinois University, USA
Track Chair
Jeffrey Arthur

Jeffrey Arthur

Associate Professor of Strategic Human Resource Management, Virginia Tech, USA
Junior Track Chair
Mathieu Lajante

Mathieu Lajante

Associate Professor of Marketing, Ryerson University, Canada

Indicative Topics

  • Macro-Topics:
  • Service-related Human Resource Management (HRM) practices
  • Service leadership
  • Service climate and culture
  • Service teams and effectiveness
  • Collective attitudes and turnover
  • Linkage models/service-profit chain
  • Micro-Topics:
  • Service-related traits, competencies, and attitudes
  • Emotional labor and regulation
  • Emotional expression and contagion
  • Internal service quality perceptions
  • Special Topics:
  • Diversity and inclusion in service settings
  • Tradeoffs between technology and human interactions
  • Non-traditional work arrangements (e.g., contingent work, Gig work)
  • Service employment ecosystems
  • Underprivileged and marginalized service workers
  • Employee – customer emotional connectedness
  • Employee’s empathy and service quality
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence training for service employees
  • Organizational neuroscience and service employees
  • Virtual reality and service employees’ training